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All my sea glass is 100% genuine beach-combed, naturally surf-tumbled by the ocean.
Kelly Green heart shaped sea glass
Sterling Silver

Cobalt Blue, Cornflower Blue and White
Sea Glass stack
Sterling Silver

Sea Glass Pendant Stack
white, moss and kelly green,
amber and orange
sterling silver
wire, sterling clasp

Moss green heart shaped
​sea glass very rare
wrapped in artful
​sterling silver

Extremely rare orange on white huge sea glass, art glass
wrapped in artful sterling silver

Please inquire about the availability of all jewelry, since they are all “one of a kind”​.

If you are interested in a particular color or design, I can make a similar piece just for you.

Please email me !​​​​

Very rare blue bottle bottom
flawless quality
2x1 1/2
wrapped in square sterling silver

Beautiful soft blue sea glass heart
extremely rare color and shape
wrapped in artful sterling silver
swarovski crystals


​​Fun multicolor necklace
with cornflower blue
​sea glass, african beads,
recycled large blue glass
handblown "wave" bead​
2 strands​​ ... 25" long​

Extremely rare and thick
cobalt blue, very frosty
and flawless round knob.
Might have been a perfume
​bottle stopper.
Wrapped in sterling silver

Huge, thick, extremely rare
aqua color, very frosty boulder.
Wrapped in sterling silver​​.
Might have come from a Seltzer bottle.​
One of a kind!

Very rare turquoise sea 
glass nugget
freshwater pearl,
s.p. starfish, handmade
african free trade beads
wrapped in sterling silver

Old pottery found on the 
beach, freshwater pearls
african free trade beads

Rare seafoam
​thick nugget
Sterling Silver

Ruby Red nugget
​One of the rarest colors
Sterling Silver

Very rare, large "bonfire"
​cobalt blue sea glass pendant,

​Freshwater pearl,
​wrapped in sterling silver.

very rare, cobalt blue bottle lips
3/4" x 1/2"
fw pearls
sterling silver


​Ultra - rare black sea glass. Black sea glass is usually from the 16th–18th century, bottles having being used for transporting olive oils and other liquids. Although referred to as "black," the color is actually olive amber. Black glass is amazing and very difficult to find, since it often looks just like a black rock.

Ultra rare, flawless, one of a kind ruby red
seaglass. Might have been art glass, has two small black dots embedded.
Adorned with sterling art silver.

Huge, thick, heavily frosted light blue knob
11/2" x 11/4" x 3/4" thick!​
Extremely rare sea glass.
Wrapped in artful sterling silver with a freshwater pearl.


Extremely rare Cobalt blue bottle lips
small rounded cobalt blue pieces
wrapped with sterling silver

Ultra rare, RUBY RED
sea glass treasure!

Freshwater Potato Pearls
Wrapped in Sterling Silver

total length of pendant 2"

Flawless white and blue sea glass 

Ultra rare, flawless teal
wrapped in argentium
fine silver

Ultra rare, huge,
flawless Aqua

wrapped in sterling filled silver

Ultra Rare, extremely frosty and pitted
coke sea glass bottom from the 1940's
"Georgia Green" Color
The bottom is embossed with
very thick and heavy

Perfect use as a candle holder

If you wish to purchase one like this, please email me.
I have several in different sizes ​​​​​​​​

Price varies according to size.​​​

Huge vintage Coke bottle and white sea glass
wrapped in sterling silver swarovski crystals

Huge PEPSI COLA seaglass
wrapped in sterling silver filled wire
Coke Bling Necklace 36" long
Mermaid Bling Necklace  27" long
      Heather's Glowing Gem

        Huge Chunk of Vaseline Glass​​
   Glows bright green under a blacklight